We are excited to announce that the plans we made to expand the recovery field at the Clavo Rico mine have begun to bear fruit.  As you can see from this photo the first level of ore has been successfully crushed and loaded onto the recovery field.  Followers of this blog and our Twitter feed know that the ore is currently being treated to release the gold and begin its journey to our processing plant.

It has only been since the first of May that we have been treating the ore on the recovery field to produce a gold heavy solution for processing and recovery, and even though we have not received our ADR plant from the manufacturer, we have more than doubled our gold production by using the pre-existing facilities.  This puts us closer to a cash flow positive operation as we approach the milestone of self-sustainability.

In the picture below you will see the first dore bar that has come solely from the new recovery field:

We have hundreds of gallons of gold laden solution waiting for processing and so to speed the recovery even while using the old plant, we have filled our carbon columns with new carbon to increase the recovery percentage and decrease the processing time.  We estimate that we have in excess of $1,000,000 in the solution waiting for processing, which should give us a great head start when the new plant is up and operational.  

We anticipate that that will not be for another two months due to unexpected setbacks in the shipping process, but we look forward to the operations being taken to the next level once we are able to start realizing the full potential of the mine.

We thank you for your continued support.  Please remember to check back regularly or follow us on Twitter @clavorico for continued updates, additional photos, and progress reports.

Clavo Rico, Ltd Management