El Corpus, Honduras-September 12, 2012–  Clavo Rico, Ltd. (the “Company”) announced today that its long anticipated ADR plant has at last arrived in Central America and is being transported to its mine in Honduras.  Following the many delays in completion and shipment of the plant, including the eruption of an active volcano in Nicaragua, management is excited that the plant has safely arrived.  The entire plant is included in nine 40 foot ocean going containers. 
 The receipt and installation of the plant at the Clavo Rico mine in El corpus will increase the processing capacity of the mine exponentially. The plant has been sized to process 250 gallons of gold laden solution per hour, which is more than is currently coming off the expanded recovery field and should enable the Company to fully recover the gold from all of the solution that is currently being stored in vast holding ponds awaiting the assembly of the plant onsite.
 Mr. Reed L Benson, President of the Company, stated “We are pleased that August was the first month that the mine has covered all of its operation costs in its on-going, fully expanded state even without the new plant.  With the introduction and operation of the plant we believe that once we are able to increase the movement of ore to the recovery field to approximately 500 tons of ore per day, we will soon be able to meet or exceed our goal of producing 1,000 ounces of gold per month .”  
 Clavo Rico, Ltd., a Turks and Caicos company, is a privately held junior mining company that has as its mission finding, securing and developing mining claims in Latin America.  It is currently in process of expanding operations at the Clavo Rico mine in El Corpus, Choluteca, Honduras. It has also been active in locating exploration and extraction partners to fully realize the potential of various claims to increase shareholder value, with an eye towards improving their positions once the concessions see an entrance onto a public exchange or an acquisition by a senior mining company.