Following delays for the past few months, the ADR (Absorption, Desorption, and Recovery) plant is finally ready to be shipped to the site in Honduras.  It has been assembled and subjected to rigorous testing, and is now being broken down to be loaded into the shipping containers.  Once the containers have been certified as sea-worthy sometime next week, they will be on their way to Honduras.  After shipping and reassembling, which should take around 3 weeks in total, the plant will finally begin operations by the beginning of June.
We have begun loading the rich ore onto the initial gravel layer and sprinkling it with the solution to begin the leaching process.  This will give us plenty of pregnant solution to begin processing once the plant is operational.  In the meantime, we will start processing the solution to the extent our current carbon extraction system will allow.  The roughly 5000 tons of ore already loaded onto the pad should alone yield 350-500 oz of gold, with more being loaded all the time.  We anticipate that our current system will yield roughly 200 oz gold per month, which we hope will increase by a multiple of at least 5 once operations are in full swing.