The leaching process has been underway for nearly 10 days now and we are already seeing the rich pond filling with gold-bearing solution.  The gold ppm (parts per million) is currently being tested at roughly 35% higher than that found in similar types of operations, although an open system such as this is susceptible to outside environmental influences (rainfall, evaporation, etc), which makes it difficult to get an accurate measurement of the amount of gold being recovered.  What is important is that within the next 2 weeks we should be seeing our first tangible results of the new recovery pad, using our existing facilities while we await the arrival and assembly of the ADR plant.

The photo above shows the operation from a distance.  The white discoloration on the ore in the foreground is a result of the leaching solution.  The actual gold-bearing solution is visible in left-most pond in the distance, above the main recovery field.

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