The photo below shows the progress of the ore being loaded onto the recovery field at the Clavo Rico mine site (to the far right), and the various ponds that make up the rest of the process.

Pond 1 is the main collection pond for the rich solution coming off from the percolation of the leach solution on the field.  This solution is then pumped up to Pond 3 (see below), or directly to the currently operating facilities for processing and extraction (not pictured here).

Pond 2 is the storm water pond which collects rain water and regulates the flow of water across the area.

Pond 3 is the rich, “pregnant” pond.  It holds the gold-filled solution while awaiting processing in the ADR plant or the existing facilities.

Pond 4, the “barren” pond visible through the trees, holds the leach solution after processing and prior to redistribution to the recovery field where the process begins again.

As seen in Ponds 1 and 3, the gold-bearing solution continues to build up.  Once the ADR plant arrives and the installation is complete we will finally be able to start seeing the full potential of the Clavo Rico mine.