This video shows how large the expanded recovery pad will be in relation to the original pad.  We see the location of the expansion pad prepared for installation of the geo membrane, as well as the locations of the recovery and holding ponds.

The first holding pond holds rain water, collected during the rainy season, to be used in the sprinkling operations for the rest of the year.  The second, immediately following the first, is the smallest of the four and holds the ore-rich solution as it comes off of the recovery pad before being pumped to the next holding pond (the “pregnant” pond).

Following this we see the original recovery pad in the distance, and the site of the expanded pad in the foreground.  The final two ponds next to each other hold, respectively, the “pregnant” solution before being processed at the ADR plant (just beyond this pond but outside of the frame) and the “barren” solution, which is re-used to continue the gold recovery cycle.