On July 15, Globe Small Cap Research, LLC issued a report labeling Inception Mining, Inc “Undiscovered, But Producing and Cost Efficient – An Emerging Value Play.”

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A summary of their findings includes:

  • This report offers an analysis of Inception Mining Inc. (“Inception” or the “Company”). We believe there is a positive risk/reward ratio to these shares at the current price.
  • Inception Mining is an early-stage mining operation that has recently moved into production as the result of a merger. According to its SEC filings and its website, the Company is concentrating on maintaining a consistent production level and is continuing to increase its output. The company is also evaluating additional acquisitions, continued exploration and development of its additional properties, mainly relating to the production of gold.
  • In the most recently-reported quarterly period, Inception showed strong revenue growth, positive operating cash flow, and a mildly strengthening balance sheet. We viewed it as a strong report.
  • Still a relatively undiscovered mining company, we believe this story is stronger than represented by the current stock price or by the attention currently being paid to the Company by small-cap investors.
  • Most impressive to us about Inception is the very low cost structure that has been built into the operating model. Low costs permeate the entire company, including management and director compensation.
  • The Company offers investors exposure to an already- producing mining operation and upside due to a currently developing project.
  • We estimate a fully diluted share count of approximately 53 million; meaning total market capitalization is only about $27 million.
  • We believe this is a value at current levels considering recent developments at the Company.

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