The new crusher that we have leased has been working overtime lately, crushing ore for the expansion of the original pad, and simultaneously the gravel filter layer for the new pad. As our gold production climbs back up to the pre-expansion levels, we are pleased to report that we shipped just over 400 oz of gold for the month of June, with each week showing improvement over the preceding one. Even with the onset of the rainy season we feel confident that these trends will continue and that we are on pace to surpass our previous records, as we move closer to our goal of processing 1000 oz/month.


Crushing and spreading ore and gravel filter simultaneously.


The results of the geological survey are in as well.  While the unfortunate news is that the previous drill samples have proved insufficient to allow us to proceed with an NI 43-101 without conducting additional drilling, the report did take much of the guesswork out of the equation, and we have an excellent road map of how we need to proceed and what our next steps should be. Among other things, the report highlighted the areas where we are most likely to find the rich deposits that we know exist from the tailings, and made comparisons between the geology of the Clavo Rico concession with other known high-grade ore bodies and found them to be encouragingly similar.


Crushed and agglomerated ore being delivered to recovery field.


For this next quarter our goal to is continue to increase production, hopefully to the point that we are able to carry on operations without the need of additional capital-raising activities. We look forward to utilizing our newly-revamped Clavo Rico website to bring you photos, videos, and updates of our progress.


Ore on expansion of original pad, and gravel filter layer beginning on new pad.