El Corpus, Honduras-October 23, 2012–  Clavo Rico, Ltd. (the “Company”) announced today that its new processing plant recently delivered to the Clavo Rico mine site in El Corpus, Honduras has been fully prepared, installed and commissioned and is now ready to initiate operations and to begin processing the gold laden solution currently in the holding ponds.

The plant manufacturer has sent three specialists to Honduras to install and ensure that the plant is operating to its specifications and to optimize its performance as the Company commences full scale operations.  The specialists include a machinist, a metallurgist as well as the construction and operations manager.  Together these specialists have all of the knowledge and experience necessary to get the plant up and operating at its capacity in the next 30 days.  The photo above is of part of the plant as it is prepared for the power to be turned on and begin to operate all of the pumps and chemical operations necessary to distill the gold dissolved in the holding ponds (as seen below) resulting in the production of dore bars for shipment to refiners.

The plant has been sized to process 250 gallons (+/-1000 litres) of gold bearing solution per hour.  It is anticipated that the first production will be realized in the next ten days and that production will then continue at capacity from that point on.

Mr. Reed L Benson, President of the Company, stated “This increased capacity should allow the Company to gradually boost its crushing operations and to increase the amount of ore deposited daily on the recovery field, which will in turn increase the flow of gold bearing solution to the processing ponds.  Until now we have not been able to maximize our operations as we did not have the ability to process the solution nor did we have the storage capacity for more solution.”

Clavo Rico, Ltd., a Turks and Caicos company, is a privately held junior mining company that has as its mission finding, securing and developing mining claims in Latin America.  It is currently in process of expanding operations at the Clavo Rico mine in El Corpus, Choluteca, Honduras. It has also been active in locating exploration and extraction partners to fully realize the potential of various mineral claims resulting in increased shareholder value, with an eye towards improving their marketability and position the Company for an entrance onto a public exchange or an acquisition by a senior mining company.