Inception Mining is committed to creating and promoting an environment of healthy standards. In the area surrounding the Clavo Rico mine in El Corpus, Honduras, Inception sponsors and oversees reforestation projects, including replanting trees and vegetation in areas adjacent to but otherwise unaffected by mine operations. Healthy vegetation grows all around the Clavo Rico site because of the many ways in which the mine protects the environment from byproducts of mining.

Water Treatment

A water treatment facility has been created to balance out the pH on the water used by the mine site, allowing it to be safely released back into the flowing river just a few hundred yards from where mining operations takes place. For years, many local artisanal mining operations have not been responsible stewards over the water that runs through their operations creating an environmental concern for the water flowing downstream from Clavo Rico. We are setting an example of how to return water back into the environment after being used during mining processes.

Indigenous Animal Relocation

The geography around Clavo Rico is rich in vegetation and animal life, especially iguanas. Special efforts are made to ensure that the local iguana population is cared for and safely relocated by the mining crew as they become present on site. The iguanas that live around the mine site are vibrant and a favorite mascot of the employees.


El Corpus is a small community situated just below the Clavo Rico mine. Many of the employees that work at the mine live in El Corpus, which has a rich history of mining all the way back into the 1800’s. Inception works hard to participate as a true partner and ambassador of good will in the community. The company has also built a trade school to teach the local residents skills such as automobile repair, electrical work, beauty techniques, and others. The school is located just a few short minutes away from the mine site in El Corpus.