Inception Mining Inc. (“Inception”) is a producing gold mining company founded in 2013 that is engaged in the identification, exploration, acquisition and development of mineral properties. Inception’s primary focus is the Clavo Rico project, a gold mine located on the 200 hectare Clavo Rico concession in southern Honduras. The area has been explored and proven to be a profitable source of gold reserves since before the Spanish empire discovered its rich deposits in the 16th century, and more recently by the local residents. Currently, the Clavo Rico operation has the capacity to process up to 1,000 tons of material per day, with low recovery costs. Acquired in 2015, Inception operates the Clavo Rico mining concession through its subsidiaries Compañía Minera Cerros del Sur, S.A de C.V. and Compañía Minera Clavo Rico, S.A. de C.V.

Inception’s first acquisition, the 40 acre “U.P. & Burlington” mine near Salmon, Idaho contains two Federal patented mining claims which we acquired for the purpose of the exploration and potential development. The project is a tight vein system with historical production, significant material grades, excellent metallurgy and modest permitting requirements. We have received all necessary permits and have begun bulk sampling program. The vein is surface-exposed, allowing for ease of extraction, while allowing for further resource confirmation via opening and assaying the existing adits.

“We plan to expand through a slow, but deliberate and cost-effective model that will produce sustainable and profitable operations for many years to come.”

CEO – Trent D’Ambrosio