Inception Mining Inc. (“Inception”) is a producing gold mining company it is engaged in the identification, exploration, acquisition and development of mineral properties. Our initial focus has been directed towards precious metals, after recognizing the current state of the industry and the multiple opportunities that have surfaced due to the economic upheaval in the sector. Inception plans to capitalize on the availability of a surplus of resources in all segments, including geological, mining, equipment, and processing. While others are suffering, Inception may realize a significant advantage due to high mined material values, coupled with tight cost control measures and availability of mining resources.

Our first acquisition, the “U.P. & Burlington” patented mining claims near Salmon, Idaho is a tight vein system with historical production, significant material grades, excellent metallurgy and modest permitting requirements. We have received all necessary permits and have begun bulk sampling program. The vein is surface-exposed, allowing for ease of extraction, while allowing for further resource confirmation via opening and assaying the existing adits.

As of 2015, Inception also owns and operates the Clavo Rico mine. This producing gold mine is located on the 200 hectare Clavo Rico Concession, located in southern Honduras. The area has been explored and proven to be a profitable source of gold reserves since the 16th century, originally by the Spanish and more recently by the local residents. The current operation has the capacity to process up to 1,000 tons of material per day, with low recovery costs.

To us, “SLOW” is “FAST”

“We plan to expand through a slow, but deliberate and cost-effective model that will produce sustainable and profitable operations for many years to come.”
CFO – Trent D’Ambrosio

Inception Mining has positioned itself to be diverse in its projects, agile in the marketplace and efficient in its operations.


Social Responsibility

Our values and principles help us on our journey towards profitable, sustainable development. By living according to our defined Corporate Value, we can meet the current needs of our organization and stakeholders, thus protecting, sustaining and enhancing human, natural and financial capital for the future.

People first

We respect every individual. We draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity, while also supporting personal growth and development. We treat people’s lives and well-being as the key commodity for our organization’s future. We value human rights and all benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit of each individual. We will ensure all our people are kept informed of important company developments and issues, and we take every measure to actively participate in the local community, safeguarding our presence as one that is not only merely tolerated, but as one that is welcomed with open arms.

Corporate citizenship

We are committed to the highest ethical and governance standards in the industry. Commitment to our corporate responsibility will remain a key business priority for our organization.

High performance culture

Clavo Rico is a result-oriented company; focusing relentlessly on delivering and executing high business objectives. We value innovation, adaptability and accountability in executing against our business strategy. Teamwork and continuous improvement is central to our business culture. Therefore, we recognize and reward excellence

Financial discipline

We will constantly be prudent with shareholders’ investment, hence discipline is central to our financial management philosophy. We will always seek new, more efficient ways to use the company’s resources to the benefit of our stakeholders.


Above all, we are committed to integrity in all that we do; to our shareholders, partners, employees, society and community, always and everywhere.